Red valerian | Centranthus ruber

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Red valerian is a hairless perennial herbaceous plant becoming shrubby and woody at the base in older stems.

Additional Info

      • Common name Red valerian
      • Scientific name Centranthus ruber
      • Where does this species come from? Mediterranean.

        • What is its invasive status in South Africa? NEMBA Category 1b in Western Cape Not listed elsewhere

        • Where in South Africa is it a problem? Cape Peninsula.

      • How does it spread? Seed dispersal.
      • Why is it a problem? Invades roadsides and urban spaces.
      • What does it look like? Leaves: Leaves are 5-8mm in length and grow in opposite pairs. Flowers:Small individual flowers, highly variable: usually deep pink to magenta or crimson-red, but sometimes lavender or white. Fruit/seeds:
      • Does the plant have any uses? Garden ornamental.